National Running Day


Today is National Running Day so get out and run!  Today is a day to get inspired, motivated and to celebrate the reasons why you like to run!! 

run3The reasons I run are….(1) the way it makes me feel afterwards.  I feel so accomplished and healthy.  Also, as crazy as it sounds, I love the sore feeling after running a half marathon or full marathon.  (2) for the me time.  There are times when I leave the headphones at home and let my mind wander and think about things.  These are my best personal therapy sessions and are good for the soul!  (3) to enjoy food and wine!!  It makes me feel better when I occasionally splurge.  Not that I don’t splurge on non-running days, but it gives me a good reason to have a glass of wine or a smores blizzard from DQ (go try one, they are amazing!). 

memphis_7Some of my best running moments….(1) Running Big Sur with Jessica.  By far, the most beautiful course that I will EVER run on I’m sure. One side you see mountains, the other side you see the ocean.  Amazing.  Also, my PR (personal record), so that means even more to me.  Also the race Jessica qualified for Boston at! (2) Running Memphis with Jennifer. This was my 3rd marathon and Jennifer’s first.  Weather was amazing (in the upper 30′s) and first time I broke 4 hours.  This was the St. Jude race and we ran through the hospital grounds and were cheered on my many of the young patients (tear).  Also, Jennifer announced she was pregnant just a few weeks after (she was pregnant running it little to my knowledge).  (3) Running with my family in other races.  thanksgiving_2For the United Way 5K, my sister Jessica and my dad ran it.  Believe it or not, we all got medals (top 3 in our age groups!).  Someone caught on to the last name (before I was married) and commented on how it must be a “family thing”.  Also, my whole family did the Turkey Trot one year.  And another year, Jessica and Jamie ran the full marathon (Jamie’s first) while Jennifer and I ran the half.  Must be in the family ;) .

And here are some more random running pictures of us:





Oh and did you know I was featured on billboards throughout St. Louis promoting the Go! St. Louis race a few years ago….yep, that is me (see pic above)!! 

So many good memories and as you can see, I share most of them with my sisters, my best friends. 

Why do you run?  What are some of your favorite memories?

Happy National Running Day :)

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  1. Nora says:

    love all the running and sister running pictures. Awesome that you were on a billboard, too.

    I love being able to drive up a hill and know that earlier that day I ran it. I love that it helps my heart stay healthy, my pants fit, and it makes me feel confident. I love that my body (and mind) can do it, and I love that I can listen to whatever music I want when I run (really inappropriate rap and hip hop most of the time!)
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