Nashville Review!!!

T-Rex and I had an awesome time in Nashville!  I’ve been to the city for work before, but have never been able to really enjoy myself during the day, so it was fun.  If you are into live (mostly country) music, then you NEED to visit. 

Where did we stay: Brentwood, TN.  Brentwood is about 10 minutes away from downtown and was the perfect place to stay.  I wanted to stay downtown, but it was expensive and you had to pay for parking at most hotels.  Our hotel (a Hyatt) was right off of the highway and extrememly easy to get in and out.  It had a small fitness center (we used once) and an outdoor pool.  Also, complementary breakfast was included.  Rooms were decent and I would give the hotel probably a 6/10. 

Where did we eat: nashtrip 1(1) Pub 5 on Friday night (right off the Broadway strip).  We had a blind date with another couple (going to Cabo with them and they are friends with the other couple we are going to Cabo with).  Our blind date went well – the couple were so much fun and we are excited to spend a week with them in Cabo, at the same resort they got married at 2 years ago!  Such a sweet duo.  Pub 5 was really good.  Started with some hummus and I got a salad, Trevor got the hamburger.  nashtrip 2(2) Pancake pantry Saturday morning.  This is a staple breakfast place in Nashville (everyone told us to go there).  They are known for their unique pancakes.  I got the carribean pancakes (with coconut shavings and bananas on top) and T-Rex got the sweet potatoe pancakes.  Both VERY good.  We got there around 8:15 and only had to wait about 20 minutes for a table, but when we left a hour later, the line was very long.  If you want to go here and not wait long, go early!!                nashtrip 3(3)Sambuca – Dinner Saturday night.  This was more of a lounge type restaurant.  The meal was pricey, but well worth it because the food was great.  Our table was right next to the stage, whch was nice because the singer was great -only country music we didn’t hear as she was more mainstream.  If you go here make reservations. 

nashtrip 4What we did: (1) We went to the country music hall of fame and museum on Saturday.  T-Rex and I are big country music fans, so we thought it was neat to see this.  We had to wait in a nice 30 minute line to get tickets (get them online before you go if you can).  Let me tell you that probably 85% of the museum is dedicated to OLDER country.  I didn’t know who the people were, although it was interesting to read their stories.  Out of the 3 stories, I could really nashtrip 6only relate to the bottom floor, with the most recent people/memorabilia on it.  I’m glad I went, but not sure that it was worth the $22/person knowing that I couldn’t really related to most of it.  Maybe it’s my age?  Maybe it’s my taste in country (mainly the newer stuff)?  Keep this in mind if you are wanting to go. 

nashtrip 5nashtrip 7

nashtrip 9(2) We bar-hopped/listened to live music.  We did this before dinner on Friday night and during the day (after the museum and before sambuca) on Saturday.  I would recommend going during the day if you can.  I feel like it is more laid back and chill during the day.  It’s not as “clubby” as it is at night.  We found a few good spots to sit down and relax/have a cocktail and listen to the live music.  The singers were REALLY good.  nashtrip 11They only work for tips and there is no cover charge, so really the tip money is how they make their living.  A few of our favorite spots (most of the places with open-air bars) were Honkey Tonk Central (3 story open-air bar), Rippy’s (2 story open-air bar) and Cadillac Ranch.  We also visited Tootsie’s and Legends, but those bars were SO crowded and not much air movement.  The weather was beautiful, so we didn’t nashtrip 10want to sit in a bar that was like a box, would rather sit with the sun shining in and the wind blowing.

To sum it all up, we had an awesome time.  T-Rex and I are big into music (especially country) so we had a great time.  People of all ages frequented the bars we went to and everyone seemed to have a good time.  It’s definitely touristy, but that is what makes it fun.  If you haven’t been to Nashville, GO!! 


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  1. Nora says:

    Thanks for the tips! Knight and I are contemplating heading there in the fall for a quick weekend so if we do I’ll be referencing this for sure. Glad you had a great time :)
    Nora recently posted…Lessons Learned: Weekend EditionMy Profile

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