Five on Friday

Ummm….hello? Anyone still reading?

Well we have taken quite the hiatus. I’d love to post more often, but sometimes I can’t keep my mind on one topic long enough to write a post about it. There is just too much going on and too much to juggle.

So what’s the next best thing to do? Participate in “Five on Friday.”


So here are my Friday random musings:

  1. About a month ago “Buckeye” and I made an effort to simplify our calendar. We had a few weeks that we are going non.stop. It wore us down; it made “Huck” fussy. It made our family miserable. So we have made a conscious effort to not schedule [almost] anything during the week, except for the occasional meet up on Thursday nights with this lady and her wonderful family (it’s practically tradition!). And we’ve also said “no” to a few invitations for weekend events. I am a “yes” person, but I started to feel like life was passing us by as we ran from one thing to the next. We LOVE our rare weekends that we can spend relaxing as a family. Now we do go crazy on the weekends if we have no plans, because “Huck” often gets bored and that’s when he starts misbehaving. Nevermind the fact that he has 12,504 toys…
  2. I’m REALLY excited about the holiday season. I’ve signed us up for a few fun Christmas activities (there I go again, filling up our calendar) that include a ride on the Santa Express and a walk through the lights at Tilles Park. I’d also love to do Advent activities with “Huck” this year.
  3. I host an annual “Favorite Things Party” that has traditionally been in December. I think it will be my 7th or 8th year hosting it! This year I think I am going to wait until January. I hate competing against other holiday parties and I think it will be fun to have something fun in January. I just hope I don’t run into snowy, icy weather!
  4. I think I am over TV. I’m really only watching Revenge and Survivor regularly and I’m even a little tired of those shows. By the time we get the boys to bed, I’ve been ready to put myself to bed. Good thing “Buckeye” has a DVR full of shows he wants to watch while I sneak to bed at 9:30 every night!
  5. We are re-doing our kitchen and I cannot wait until it is done. It has taken forever to get moving on it and I’m not looking forward to the pricetag at the end. But I’ve hated my kitchen ever since we moved in, so it was time!

What’s on your mind this Friday?

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2 Responses to Five on Friday

  1. Jessi Otey says:

    Glad I found ya via the link-up! I’m a Revenge addict but I’m wondering just how much longer it can go on?? Can’t wait to see kitchen pics! Enjoy your weekend!
    Jessi Otey recently posted…5 on Friday!My Profile

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